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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So it's been awhile since I've written anything. My Grandpa is doing real well now, he has his prosthetic leg. He just needs to practice using it like a real leg now. I hear a lot of stories from dad about the therapist appointments and my grandpa hopping around or doing other stuff because he's afraid he'll fall if he puts pressure on his new leg. It's all good though. Probably just going to take more time to getting used to it.

I started at ASU. I'm doing interior design. It's a lot of fun and interesting, but most of it is history classes on art and design through the ages. I like it there though. In between classes, since my friend and I have a couple of hours, we play pool down at the MU. I'm a little better than what I used to be, but still really need to work on the distance shots. Those are so hard for me. But it's all in good fun. Although I think Kristin takes the game pretty seriously, at least she gets that serious look on her face.

So ever since I broke up with Matt all I have been hearing is "Good for you", "I'm glad you did that", and my nephew even did a happy dance when he found out about it. He never liked Matt from the start. But I'm dating someone now and I'm really a lot happier. I'm treated like a queen and I love it. He always listens to me when I need to talk and he's told me that he will support me in whatever I choose to do. He even quit going on the Webcam Girls Having Sex webcam video live chat. I have a lot of fun with him and his family is pretty awesome too. We went out to bars with his parents to listen to live music, even though we're not old enough to drink we were allowed in them till at eleven. And when my birthday comes around his dad wanted to know if my family would like to go a bar and something with their family and we can all hang out. My dad actually said he would go, which is very cool. My parents are happy that I'm happy about this whole thing. I think it'll be good.

My friend Phoebe finally got a job as an assitant manager at a store in the mall. She's so happy that he got it and that she is also getting out of the house. She was tweeking for awhile, but she's over that now. The only problem is that her mom has pretty much kept her under house arrest becuase she won't let phoebe go anywhere other than to work because she was caught Teen Webcam Girls her pussy. It's kinda sad, but good at the same time. Her kid is doing good too. She's so cute, awhile back phoebe showed me a trick that she taught kaelyn. YOu say motorcycle to her and she'll put her hands up and do the vroom vroom. It's pretty cool. She'll be a year in two weeks.

Life is Good. I'm enjoying it right now :o)